IFRS basics - Module 1 : Presentation of financial statements

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11 Jun 09:00u - 12:15u

TriFinance Antwerpen

€ 450

The TriFinance - IFRS training program is primarily designed for finance professionals and all professionals involved as stakeholder to the IFRS reporting communities. IFRSs are the world’s most widely applied accounting standards. Over 120 countries require or permit the use of IFRS and many others are either adopting IFRS or have decided to converge their national standards with IFRS.

This modular or three-day course will provide the highlights of the different IFRSs/IASs based on an executive summary of each standard. We will discuss the scope, objectives, the main principles and illustrate with practical examples.


TriFinance Zaventem office
Excelsiorlaan 4b
1930 Zaventem

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Mario Matthijs Expert practice leader CFO Services - Corporate Reporting +32 2 712 08 90
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Mario Matthijs Expert practice leader CFO Services - Corporate Reporting
Mario is an absolute reference when it comes to IFRS and corporate reporting. With over 25 years of experience both in consulting roles (+15 years) and as Director of Global reporting at ABInbev (+11 years) .

Today, Mario is active as the practice leader Corporate Reporting within TriFinance both in advisory and implementation roles. Combining this role with the development and giving of training courses in the topics of IFRS & corporate reporting.

Thanks to the combination of hands-up experience and training expertise, Mario has become the reference in pragmatic training course in the domain of IFRS and corporate reporting.