IFRS Basics

Target Audience

This IFRS training program is primarily designed for finance professionals and all professionals involved as stakeholder to the IFRS reporting communities. Would you like to learn more about the International Financial Reporting Standards and their reporting requirements? This program will help you to achieve this objective.


The program goes beyond theoretical concepts as each training module is developed and instructed by IFRS experts with solid and pragmatic on the job experience. All modules share an interactive approach where theory is combined with practical and pragmatic examples. All training sessions consist of small groups allowing optimal interaction.

You will be thoroughly introduced to the different IFRS/IAS topics. Based on an executive summary of all IFRS/IAS frameworks we will guide you through the scope, objectives and the main principles, and illustrate with practical examples.

6 training modules will tackle specific areas: Presentation of financial statements, consolidation, assets, equity & liabilities, financial instruments, and income statement and cash flow. The full program includes these 6 modules.

Practical information

This training is designed as a modular program, each module taking half a day. The complete set of modules results in a three-day training program.

Prior knowledge in the field of IFRS is an advantage, but not required.

If you are interested to follow this training, please have a look in our training calendar to find the following training sessions. You can find the subscription form in the appropriate training session or you can contact us if you need more information. 


The price for an individual training module is €450 (excl. VAT) per person

Those who subscribe to the full three-day programme pay €1.700 (excl. VAT) per person.

Multiple participants from the same company benefit from a 10 % reduction.


Module 1 : Presentation of financial statements

 Framework General introduction in the IFRS framework : principles and history 
 IAS 1
Presentation of Financial Statements 
 IFRS1First-time Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards 
 IAS 8Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors  
 IFRS 8Operating Segments 
 IAS 34Interim Financial Reporting 

Module 2 : Consolidation

 IFRS 3Business Combinations 
 IFRS 10Consolidated Financial Statements 
 IFRS 11Joint Arrangements 
 IFRS 12Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities 
 IAS 27Separate Financial Statements 
 IAS 28Investments in Associates 
 IAS 21The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates 
 IAS 24Related Party Disclosures 

Module 3 : Assets

 IAS 2Inventories
 IAS 16Property, Plant and Equipment 
 IFRS 5Non-current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations 
 IAS 23Borrowing Costs 
 IAS 38Intangible Assets 
 IAS 36Impairment of Assets 
 IAS 17 + IFRS 16Leases

Module 4 : Equity & Liabilities

 IAS 19Employee Benefits  
 IAS 37Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets 
 IFRS 2Share-based Payment 

Module 5 : Financial Instruments

 IAS 32Financial Instruments: Presentation 
 IAS 39Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement 
 IFRS 7Financial Instruments: Disclosures 
 IFRS 9Financial Instruments 

Module 6 : Income statement and cash flow

 IAS 18 + IFRS 15Revenue recognition
 IAS 12Income Taxes
 IAS 7Statement of Cash Flows 
 IAS 10Events After the Reporting Period 
 IAS 33Earnings Per Share 
 IAS 20Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance 

More specific training needs?

If you are looking for a training tailor to your needs, don’t hesitate to have a look at our content area specific trainings.

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