IFRS trainings

TriFinance offers classical trainings for companies or individual professionals to develop their knowledge of corporate reporting using International Financial Reporting Standards. The classes are divided into three programs according to different knowledge levels.

IFRS for beginners training

In this training we will introduce you to the world of the International Financial Reporting Standards. You will receive information on the origin and creation of the standards, their use and purpose.

IFRS basics training

We will touch the highlights of the different IFRS/IAS topics based on an executive summary on each standard. We will discuss the scope, objectives and the main principles, illustrated with practical examples.

IFRS advanced training

For those having a good insight and experience with IFRS, this training will cover the full application of the IAS/IFRS topics, illustrated with practical examples.

IFRS Updates

International Financial Reporting Standards are permanently adapted, updated and renewed in order to meet requirements of transparency of financial reporting. To keep you up to date, we provide IFRS updates and design trainings to put changes in practice.

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