Content area specific

We offer tailor made training programs based on the specific business activities of your company. The importance and the applicability of each standard can be different from industry to industry or depends heavily from specific business transactions. Specific IFRS guidance is required in these circumstances.

Custom trainings

Together with you, we will determine your industry specific IFRS needs and provide a relevant IFRS training. The important IFRS’s for your industry will be explained and illustrated with relevant cases.

Business combinations

Acquiring control of a business is fully covered by IFRS 3 Business combinations. Highly involved in M&A activities, this training will offer you an excellent opportunity to understand how IFRS deals with acquisitions and disposals including Purchase price allocation (PPA), goodwill calculation and disclosure requirements.

First time adoption

Applying IFRS for the first time, this training will guide you in the first time implementation of IFRS in your financial statements. The course will also cover the mandatory and optional exemptions for first time adopters.

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