Business Unit CFO Services

Our Mission

We offer solutions to the C-level community. In order to offer innovative services to our clients and create a platform for growth of professionals, we develop and combine specialist competencies from all over our organization. 

Our philosophy is built through the combination of three main pillars:

  1. Development of people through development of specialist insights.
  2. Create c-level client relationships by bringing new insights to the market.
  3. Offer innovative solutions through combination of insights, knowledge and do-how.

The development of specialist services is done through four major expert practices:

  1. Complexity reduction: improve, simplify or transform enterprise processes and controls through a unique combination of quantitative analysis and fieldwork observations.
  2. Processes for transparency: provide process insight and create a platform for continuous improvement.
  3. Credit management: create improvement tracks for the credit management function.
  4. Corporate reporting: a specialist practice for IFRS implementation and support, consolidation and cash flow management.

Our team

Our team consists of experienced professionals with a background in finance, process management, project management, credit management and internal audit, both in operational environments and in consulting. This internal mixture of expertise and experience is combined with an adequate knowledge of our other BUs, which allows us to propose the best solution for your needs at all times: temporary support in a project or an autonomous improvement process.